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Founded by Sarah Rhinesmith and Erica DeZitter, SOUTH in Duxbury, is a carefully curated collection of beautiful things from around the world. Inspired by simplicity and artisanal craftmanship, the store will offer a collection of home accessories, woven textiles, handmade pottery and an array of finely selected clothes.

Sarah and Erica are well known shopkeepers and previously owned Midsummer Nights together, a successful home furnishings and accessory shop with a devoted following on Cape Cod in coastal Chatham. Sarah has been a shopkeeper, luxe-traveler, serial hunter and gatherer of fine things her whole career. She hooked up with Erica in Chatham when she moved her original shop to a larger space. 

Erica, a native South African is a veteran interior design consultant and the owner of beloved Beach Stone Interiors in Chatham. She is also a nomad who recently bought, tore apart and restored a charming house in the south of France in the famous Village of Menerbes which served as her inspiration for SOUTH in Duxbury’s minimalistic and monochromatic aesthetics.

Think effortless simplicity with an exotic South African influence.

Inspired by each other’s talents, they both share the infectious enthusiasm to create the unexpected. They believe in “shopping small” and every item they source adjoins with philosophy of minimalism, quality and collaboration.  

SOUTH in Duxbury may not just be a shop to buy beautiful things, but also a gathering place for local friends and customers (one and the same.) As the name suggests, they hope to draw Boston shoppers to the South Shore at Millbrook Marketplace in Duxbury where there will always be a worthy selection of unique goods.  

To keep an eye on all the curated finds, please follow their Instagram @SOUTHinDUXBURY.

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